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Daphne Lee is a Halogen volunteer, freelance writer and a full-time mum. The power of the written word is something she enjoys, and she aims to, one day, catch up with reading on the Kindle. Meanwhile, pen, paper, and books are her comfort tools.

Faith Jinghui Luo was on staff with Halogen and was Halogen’s first communications executive. She now lives in the land of g’day mate! where her “itchy fingers” can be found drawing or making music.

Dorothea Wong was an intern with Halogen, lending her strong language skills to copywriting and editing.

Lee Mei Chuen, a former English teacher, volunteers on the Halogen editorial team.


Peter Oh is the senior graphic designer at Halogen. His past work has won awards and been showcased in both local and international publications. Comics and pictures books are his favourite kind of read as he prefers reading graphics over words.


Marvin Lowe has a long working relationship with Halogen, having photographed many of our events. His has his own photography business which covers weddings, events and portraiture with his eye for detail and knack for capturing the perfect moment.


Darlene Joy Uy has been passionate about educating young leaders through the Halogen Academy. She is an avid reader so chances are, you’ll find her with her Kindle.

Ivy Tse is the Chief Executive Officer of Halogen Foundation Singapore. She enjoys meeting new people, working on creative projects and going for long leisurely runs.

Jael Chng was the Head of Social at Halogen for 4 years, where she led Halogen’s cause, corporate and marketing and was the editor of H360. She was also the Product Lead for The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Programmes. Together with Peter Oh and Faith Luo, they pioneered H360 since 2011. She is now a lifelong volunteer and still looks to contribute to Halogen in any way she can. She likes the organised chaos of jazz music, enjoys food styling and wants to go to Pantagonia one day.

Kristin Loo is an aspiring marketer exploring the world of design. She believes that everyone has the potential to be a good leader.

Lin Xue Hu interned with Halogen while on extended “loan” from the National university of Singapore. He is currently Head (Communications) at Start Now. An avid geography student, he dreams of writing for National Geographic one day.

Martin Tan is the co-founder and former executive director of Halogen Foundation Singapore. He is a motivational speaker and leadership trainer who has spoken to youths in 16 countries. Martin is married to Daphne and they have two daughters, Maegan and Meredith.

Pearl Pang was Halogen’s chief of staff – or “stuff” as she puts it. She is passionate about young people and is actively involved in The Girls’ Brigade Singapore.

Pearlyn Yap was a communications executive with Halogen. She enjoys extreme sports, exploring the unbeaten path, a good cup of coffee, and aspires to help youths embrace diversity and creativity.

Sean Kong is the Chief Training Officer at Halogen Foundation Singapore. Apart from loving youths, he loves the outdoors and adventure. His dream is to sail across the Indian Ocean.

Shawn Khoong was senior executive of media at Halogen – the storyteller behind all Halogen’s videos. Previously, he was the friendly face at school trainings as part of the academy. He has two other loves – hip hop dance and cats.


Adam Gilmore works for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, USA. As NASA is looking to commercialise its astronaut transport services to the International Space Station, Adam currently leads a team in assessing one company’s viability. Previously, he was a Division Chief Engineer in the Space Shuttle programme, a role he held until the Space Shuttle’s final flight in 2011. He also worked closely with NASA’s international partners during the construction of the International Space Station.

Adeline Ho previously interned with Halogen, taking care of events such as National Young Leaders’ Day. She is now living her dream, managing events full-time.

An Ning Ng is currently interning at Halogen while waiting to enter the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information to further her studies. She hopes that one day, her words will have the power to inspire and influence society’s thinking.

Barry Posner is an eminent scholar and researcher, a best-selling author, and an award-winning teacher and educator – named one of the Top 50 Leadership Coaches in America. He is currently Accolti Professor of Leadership at the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University.

Charles Phang was formerly an intern with Halogen and now volunteers. His day job involves telling stories as a TV Journalist and Producer with Channel NewsAsia.

Cheryl Tan is currently an intern at Halogen. She takes pride in creating social media content with the Social Team. Her favourite pastimes include singing and people watching wherever she goes.

Fiona Lam interned with Halogen after graduating from the Singapore Management University. She currently volunteers while working a Public Relations Firm.

Foo Li Xuan wrote for Halogen as a volunteer while eagerly awaiting university studies.

Gary Miles is the director of international operations and associate relations for Roffey Park Asia Pacific, a charitable trust which is internationally recognised for developing innovative learning approaches.

Haley Alderete was a former intern at Halogen from Claremont McKenna College, California. She likes to explore new places and sings along as she gets lost getting to her destinations. Haley hopes to make a difference in the world by teaching people new things and brightening up people’s days.

Juliana Ng, a Halogen volunteer, is a former flight stewardess. She enjoys travelling, and trying new cuisines and recipes. Her favourite hobby is practicing her knife skills with her new chef knife.

Karen Lee is a marketer and has lent her expertise to Halogen as a volunteer. She has a short attention span, but only because she loves new experiences like simulated skydiving, DJing and scuba diving.

Kok Heng Kwai has been in the education industry for almost 15 years and is now teaching in Bishan Park Secondary School. He teaches Physical Education and Principles of Accounts and is passionate about holistic education.

Jovi Lee interned at Halogen in his last year at Victoria School. He enjoys exploring new genres of music and adventuring into new places.

Merill D’Cruz is a school counsellor with the Ministry of Education. He used to teach psychology at Raffles College of Design and volunteered with Halogen as he wants to build young leaders.

Muhd Zulhilmie was a peer support leader in secondary school and a student councillor in junior college. He volunteered with Halogen while serving National Service. A fun-loving guy, he loves fantasy novels (especially Wicked) and science. He also enjoys long strolls by the park and is an avid board gamer, but what he really loves most are his Saturdays with great company.

S. Manogaran, currently the executive director of the Academy of Singapore Teachers, has been in the education service for more than 30 years. He has served as a school principal, cluster superintendent and the CEO of the Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA), a self-help group.

Shirleen Ong, principal of Methodist Girls’ School since 2007, is a member of the Executive Board, Academy of Principals. In 2012, she was awarded the Public Administration Medal – Silver, and the Long Service Medal.

Su Mei Teh has worked mostly in professional services firms in both Singapore and Hong Kong during her 10-year career. She is a Sales Operations Manager with Google in Singapore, and supports the Google sales teams in business management and sales optimisation processes.

Soon Sze-Meng is a regional director in Visa Inc focussing on the cross-border business for its Asia-Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. He previously worked in McKinsey & Co. and Monitor Group in the United States, China, India and South East Asia covering the consumer finance, retail and packaged goods industries. He was a board member at Halogen from 2009 – 2013.

Walter Lim is a storyteller, intrapreneur, influencer, publicist, marketer, and change agent. He also has 19 years of experience in marketing, PR, social media, planning, policy, industry development, and organisational management and is the owner and editor of Cooler Insights (coolinsights.blogspot.com)

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