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Leadership perspectives matter. Whether from young or old, corporate or not, from within school walls or outside of it, different perspectives help us understand our world better and make better-informed decisions. This is why Halogen360 (H360) draws from the thoughts and experiences of a wide spectrum of people – educators, parents, students, staff and volunteers, as well as corporate, government and social change leaders.

Here, you’ll be updated of trends in youth leadership and education, and hear what people from different walks of life have to say about them. We also provide tips and tools for the classroom, as well as project ideas and partnership opportunities. We hope these stories will give you  fresh insight, provoke creativity, and help you stay relevant wherever you may be leading.

Previously as a print magazine, we reached mainly educators, donors, government ministers and volunteers. Now that we have made the switch to an online version, we hope you’ll enjoy the spiffier graphics, searchable content, easier accessibility, and better ability to share. Enjoy!

Halogen360 is published by Halogen Foundation Singapore. We exist to inspire and influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well. We are dedicated to building young leaders and entrepreneurs so that they are transformed to create their own future, regardless of their backgrounds. Find out more about us here.

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