To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever

Here’s us in the Halogen team saying: Thank you teachers for shaping us in our youth!

In this July to September issue of Halogen360, Halogen celebrates the amazing work of our educators in Singapore. It is no surprise that this day is of so much importance to us and we cannot begin to thank the many educators who have helped to lay our foundation.  We’re privileged to partner with you in nourishing the minds of our youths, challenging them to ask questions and discover their values. Halogen is proud to work with you everyday.

As the saying goes, “To teach is to touch a life forever”. Your words and actions have left a lasting impact on your students – sometimes more than you may ever know. In this special section, members of the Halogen team dedicate a message to that one teacher who has left a lasting legacy. Our gratitude definitely goes beyond these 100 words from each of us, but here goes!

Miss Jocelyn Tan, St Hilda’s Primary School
Years taught: 1995-1996

“Some of those lessons learnt in my younger years were very painful ones which stuck with me for life. Dubbed as ‘tyrant of the school’, she was the discipline figure and was unapologetic in giving correction when she saw fit. Yet, there was also a caring side to her – When I was going through one of the toughest times as a kid after losing my dad and grand-dad in a span of one month, she stood by me and was a voice of affirmation that things will be alright. Without her, I would have grown up with a very different sense of what is right and wrong.” – Sean Kong (Deputy CEO)

Mrs Rose Enriquez, Stella Maris Academy, Davao City, Philippines
Year taught: 1990

“My primary 3 English teacher, Mrs. Rose Enriquez, gave us a short writing assignment one day on the topic of disabled persons. I wrote that disabled persons are just like you and me. When I got my paper back, aside from the usual corrections, she wrote a short note on the margin praising my writing and encouraging me to use my gifts and talents wisely. It was the first time I ever received a note like that from any teacher, and perhaps the first time it dawned on me that I had a talent. In my 9-year old mind, talent equaled to singing, dancing or drawing, none of which I was good at. I have kept the note to this day, to remind myself that I have much to contribute to the world.” – Darlene Joy Uy (Head, Projects)

Miss Lee Siew Lian, St Joseph’s Institution
Years taught: 1996-1997

“In a class of 20+ hype-active SJI boys who were “notorious” for our antics both in and outside of class, you managed to strike the delicate balance of keeping everyone in check and yet allowed us to just be boys. Thank you for being so accommodating to our boyish behaviours and being involved in our lives! Your dedication and passion for teaching and nurturing the next generation of SJI boys and girls is truly inspirational. Kudos to you, Ms Lee and Happy Teachers’ Day!” – Peter Oh (Senior Designer)

St Joseph's Instituiton Educator - Miss Lee Siew Lian

江老师, Dunman High School
Year taught: 1991

During one incident, the Secondary 2 classes that 江老师 taught conspired to pass on answers for a Chinese test she set as the classes were staggered in timing. When she found out, she was very upset, and said, “Look at my eye-bags, I spend the time to mark your papers and all of you just copied from each other? It’s a waste of my time. All of you will get zero points.” It wasn’t just the zero points that caught our attention, but her passion for us and in teaching the Chinese language. I remember her taking the time to share stories from our textbooks making them memorable and vivid. She was one of the reasons why I fell in love with this beautiful language. 谢谢您! – Jael Chng (Head, Social)

Mr Lau Soo Yen, Hwa Chong Institution
Years taught: 2011-2012

Mr Lau is an especially encouraging teacher who always believed in me despite my poor performance in school. I remember clearly how Mr Lau spent an entire afternoon listening to me and comforting me when I was stressed before the A’ levels. His civics lessons will also be forever etched in my mind; Mr Lau always stressed the importance of treating people with sincerity and encouraged us to create happiness for ourselves as well as those around us. Thank you so much Mr Lau and Happy Teachers’ Day! – Jiamin Ren (Intern, Events)

Puan Rosenah Omar, Chung Cheng High School (Main)
Years taught: 1998-2010

Learning Malay as my third language was made interesting because of her. She gave us Malay names, taught us how to cook Malay delicacies and sang Malay songs to cultivate our interest in Malay culture. I looked forward to every lesson even if it means staying back. She painstakingly fought for us to participate in a home-stay program in Malaysia despite our small class size to ensure we had the most fulfilling experience possible.

Your encouragement, affirmation and care will forever be felt and remembered. Thank you Puan and Happy Teachers’ Day!  🙂 – Lui Fang Yu (Intern, Academy)

Chung Cheng High School (Main) Educator - Puan Rosenah Omar

Miss Esther Lee, Temasek Secondary School
Years taught: 2005-2006

While other teachers would walk out of the class or erupt in anger, she, on the other hand, became my friend. A friend that sought to understand the reasons behind my actions and reactions. Unlike other teachers, she would challenge and affirm me despite her busy schedule, encouraging me to believe in myself. As a cheerleader and mentor, she provided me with opportunities and platforms to develop my character, equipping me with the motivation I needed as a youth. For all that you have done, thank you, Miss Lee. – Vanessa Yap (Executive, Academy)

Mr Cheng Peng, Springfield Secondary School
Years taught: 2002-2006

Being a HOD of CCA/PE, you would expect him to be a really busy man, but he often availed himself in moments where students are usually free. He is a simple man that really knew how to have fun, there were times were we would play with stopwatches, sharing stories, go out for rojak and sit around for coffee. He is like a friend, and one that was always there looking out for me. If there is anything that I’ve learnt from him, he taught me that gratitude was more than being thankful of the things you have, but it’s a way of seeing the beauty in everything. And I will always be grateful for that lesson. – Kenneth Heng (Executive, Academy)

Miss Mahendran Rudrarani, CHIJ Katong Primary School
Year taught: 1997

Ms Mahendran impacted me the most when I think back on mentors who have moulded me in my growing up years. It was not about a particular life changing moment, but her everyday acts – her constant encouragement in our pursuits, her positive affirmations when we take initiative. As Virgil, one of Rome’s greatest poets, had put it – “They can conquer who believe they can.” Miss Mahendran’s unwavering belief in us that we could achieve, was exactly what enabled us to eventually do so. Happy Teachers’ Day Miss Mahendran! – Ivy Tse (Senior Executive, Events)

CHIJ Katong Primary School Educator - Miss Mahendran Rudrarani

Ms Koh Shu Jiun, Clementi Town Secondary School
Years taught: 2002-2003

Ms Koh has always been particularly stern with me, and I often misunderstood her intentions when I was younger. “Why is she always nagging at us?” “Why is she so picky and annoying?” My grades plummeted when I developed an addiction in Secondary 2, and instead of reprimanding me, she counselled and tried to guide me towards reaching my potential. Because of her believe in me, I reminded myself that I could never let her down, and I eventually became a model for my classmates that nothing is impossible, and hard-work really does pay off. One day after flag-raising, she approached me with my report slip, and with a pat of my back, whispered, “See? I knew you could do it.” I am forever grateful, and hope to reconnect with her again! – Pearlyn Yap (Executive, Social)

Mrs Goh Hui Cheng (吴慧菁), Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School (Secondary)
Year taught: 2008

吴老师 was my Chinese teacher and I’ve always been weak in the Chinese language. 吴老师 constantly encouraged me and told me that being weak in the subject did not mean that I would never be able to do well but I would have to work harder than everyone else. When my ‘O’ level Chinese Oral exam was approaching, she would meet me once a week at 6am so as to practise with me. Being a student of 吴老师 is definitely my privilege. Her genuine commitment to her students has made me respect the teaching profession a lot. – Jasmine Yeo (Intern, Academy)

Miss Lynda Young, Temasek Secondary School
Year taught: 2011

I was an Orientation Leader taking care of Ms Young’s group. During the camp, she was a good sport and the only teacher who participated in the games. Things didn’t go as planned during the camp, and we were disappointed. Ms Young noticed and advised, “It’s not your fault that the camp is like that, I really appreciate your effort.” Ms Young was the kind of teacher who believed in what she was doing. She also took the effort to bond with her class despite the fact that she would be migrating overseas. Like her name, she is forever young at heart! – Lin Xuefang (Intern, Academy)

Miss Karen Ang, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (School of Humanities & Social Sciences)
Year taught: 2012

Ms Karen was a teacher who taught with great passion and was patient with all her students. She was always bubbly and enthusiastic about teaching one of the most boring modules – Financial Management. She made sure that no one was left behind in the learning process, dedicating extra time to those who required it. Ms Karen had relentless belief in each of us. Her dedication, patience and time sowed into the module taught me to love and excel in it. Thank you for your commitment to being such an inspiring lecturer. Happy Teachers’ Day, Ms Karen! – Sarah Png (Intern, Social)

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (School of Humanities & Social Sciences) Educator - Miss Karen Ang

Ms Susan Paua – Nanyang Polytechnic
Years taught: 2004-2007

Nothing is more precious and valuable than someone spending time to get to know you and nurturing you because of a belief that you can be more than you already are. I was lucky enough to have met this one person in Nanyang Polytechnic. Ms Susan Paua was assigned to be in charge of my class but she was more than a lecturer. She was our mentor, personal friend, and even a “HTHT” (heart-to-heart talk) buddy at some point. Her dedication to nurture the younger generation continues to inspire me to do what I do today in Halogen. – Shawn Khoong (Senior Executive, Media and Projects)

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