Passing the Torch

Putting the “extra” in “extraordinary”

When it comes to challenging our youth to lead, serve and celebrate our community, one can always count on Halogen to put the “extra” in “extraordinary”. Over the span of March and April 2011, Halogen was privileged to be involved in the development and delivery of the Leadership Development Programme.

This was an inaugural event for grassroot leaders from the National Youth Council (NYC) and People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM). The objective was to inspire and induct youth leaders in their early 20s to assume top leadership positions in their respective programmes.

The sessions focussed on the following areas:

  • Developing Strategic Perspectives
  • Personal Leadership and Leading Teams
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Facilitate Organisational Excellence and Change Management
  • Community and Youth Vision

During the sessions, Halogen trainers shared real-life experiences to which the youth responded with conviction and optimism – the kind we’d expect from everyday people who want to be the caretakers and change makers in our community.

Besides the seminar sessions, we visited Yong En Care Centre and Healthserve. Those visits opened their eyes to the needs of the poor, sick, elderly, troubled, and all types of people who have been “left behind” by the majority of society. For those who had never seen how the other half of the world lives, it certainly was a powerful eye-opener.

Towards the end of the programme, participants were separated into three groups. Each crafted a strategic plan for a project which they would like to commit to. These plans were presented to Mr Teo Ser Luck (Member of Parliament and Minister) and Mr Aaron Maniam, among other representatives from NYC and PAYM. it showcased the excellent job the youth leaders did in applying what they learnt. It was not just all talk; many of these plans will be developed further and implemented.

There is no set formula for nurturing and being young leaders; it takes both hands and heart — Hands to do the work, and the heart to lead through service. Even though I have left Halogen as a full time staff, it is Halogen’s connection with and belief in young people that keeps me coming back. While equipping these young leaders, I myself have received much from their creative minds.

“There is no set formula for nurturing and being young leaders; it takes both hands and heart — Hands to do the work, and the heart to lead through service.”

By passing the torch of leadership to our young leaders, we empower them to pass it on to others, lighting up the way for more future leaders to come. Now, I see our young grassroots leaders from NYC and PAYM continuing their discussions on Facebook, I am encouraged by their conviction of what they do and why they do it.

Article by Jane Koo

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