In Convo with Brand’s® Superhero Leadership Camp participant – Jon Lee

Halogen360 (H360): Hi Jon! Glad you joined us at the recent BRAND’S® Leadership Camp! How was the experience for you?
Jon Lee (JL): It was fun, enjoyable and fulfilling!

H360: You were one of the inhabitants of Planet Jusble (one of the camp teams). Tell us about your group mates and superhero coaches.
JL: My group mates were very helpful and willing to take part in all the activities. The superhero coaches were also supportive, gave clear instructions and they taught me how to be a better leader.

H360: What did you like best about the camp?
JL: I liked the “amazing race” the best!

H360: What were some things you learned?
JL: I learnt that leadership is not only about bossing people around and making people do things. It’s about influencing others. Most importantly, I also learnt about time management that will help me balance studies and racing.

H360: Would you want to come back for more?
JL: Of course! I can’t wait to be 18 years old so that I can be a team leader myself (which is one of the criteria to be a team leader). It’s a pity I won’t be able to join the Leadership camp next year as I will be over the age limit!

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