From Our Admired Leaders

When you are successful, when you have “made it”, what’s next? Each year at National Young Leaders’ Days (NYLD), influencers from various fields do good by giving back. These change-makers share their stories with young people, and at the same time never fail to inspire the adults in the audience as well. Hear from some of these leaders.

Gina Romero  - Founder & Managing Director, The Athena Network  Speaker at NYLD Women’s Edition, 2013

“I was very honoured to be part of the highly energetic and inspiring National Young Leaders’ Day (Women’s Edition) 2013. The whole event was beautifully put together, with a focus on matters relevant to young women leaders of the future. The fun format combined with touching tributes and candid depictions of real world issues clearly made an impact on our young women attendees, giving them both a global and national outlook.

Happy 10th birthday Halogen keep championing our young leaders for a brighter future!”

Elim Chew  Owner, 77th Street  Speaker at NYLD, 2003

“I recall at one of the pioneer editions of National Young Leaders’ Day, I felt from the young people that they were all hungry and eager to embrace the role of leadership. My hope for them is that they will take up leadership roles as young as possible because that will help them learn and experience what leadership is all about. Through those experiences, it will help them mature and grow even more.

Halogen has done a wonderful job in impacting the youth in Singapore and I hope to see Halogen grow even more and impact all the young people in Asia!”

Eddie Sung - International Award-Winning Rock Photographer, Founding Member & Vice President of I Love Children, Singapore  Speaker at NYLD, 2013

“When one teaches, one also learns. I’m heartened to see the enthusiasm in the young of today. When I observe my own kids, I treasure the sight of innocence and optimism. My hope for the youths is that they will give back what they have received.

To Halogen, your events are always fun, energising and morally uplifting. Keep up the great work. In rock-speak – Rock on! Here’s to the next decade!”

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