A Weekend with Giants on an Island State

In the first few days of 2019, I was invited as part of a group of 21 leaders to help design the ‘Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia-Pacific’ programme. This programme aims to bring together 200 emerging leaders from across Asia-Pacific to explore new ways to take on the biggest challenges in their communities, and the 21


Announcement: Retirement of Chairman Mr Lim Soon Hock and Transition of Board Leadership to Exco

Dear Supporter of Halogen Foundation,   Retirement of Chairman Mr Lim Soon Hock and Transition of Board Leadership to Exco   Halogen Foundation Singapore (HFS) wishes to announce that having successfully concluded our 15th Anniversary celebrations in 2018, Mr Lim Soon Hock has stepped down from the Halogen Board of Directors on 29 November 2018, after

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution – For all or for some?

Personal takeaways from the World Economic Forum on ASEAN For the most part, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is seen as an exciting pivotal moment in the evolution of work and commerce. It seems like almost every other day, a new technological disruption takes place, and we see reports extolling the benefits of a new advancement.

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The Who, What & Why of Fake News

In 1710, Jonathan Swift wrote: “Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.” 3 centuries later, a study by MIT affirms what the writer intuitively concluded. The recent study has found that false news spreads 6 times faster on Twitter than real news, and most of it are spread by people, not Twitter bots. Misinformation is

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#neveragain The world has, indisputably, become more vocal. And it’s not just because we have immense access to content, or the convenience of sharing through the touch of a screen, and that our gateway to the world can be one instastory, one tweet, or one snapchat away. Heading to the Big Apple for a partners visit last week, I


Beyond Borders

At a recent event*, I stumbled on a fascinating story of Peace Boat started by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Yoshioka Tatsuya. Yoshioka started on his passion project back in 1983, with a simple notion of wanting to travel the world to meet and build friendships with people in the neighbouring regions. Today, Peace Boat has transformed into

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Can One be a Professional Rebel?

Solving real problems with scalable business solutions A Special Europe Feature on Social Innovation – Interview with Linda Vermaat,


Design Thinking Labs – Europe’s Millennials’ Alternative Workspace?

Berlin Youths Spearheads a New Work Order. A Special Europe Feature on Social Innovation – Interviews with Sascha Wolff from Dark Horse and Anna Ostwald from INNOKI


How do I create value?

Dutch youth helping fellow dutch youths get higher value jobs A Special Europe Feature on Social Innovation – Interview